Are your uncleaned IT devices making you and your employees sick?
TechCleaners will professionally clean, disinfect and maintain all types of IT equipment for everyone's WELLBEING within your workplace.
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Did you know, £520 per week per employee is the average cost of sickness leave?

Bacteria and Dust on your IT devices are a major cause of Absenteeism, lack of productivity and an unhealthy office environment.

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Are your hygiene standards as strong as your reputation?
The HSE publicly 'name and shame' businesses who don't meet Health and Safety requirements in the workplace.
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Novel Coronavirus, how is your business preparing for this epidemic?
Our specialised disinfection products are lab-tested to kill viruses like Coronavirus and Norovirus from all types of IT devices in just 60 seconds!
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What will we find in your IT devices?

Book an expert prevention assessment today to disinfect these infectious viruses and bacteria

from your IT devices for everyone's safety at your workplace.

We have lab tested many IT devices and our results are concerning...

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Looks great doesn't it?

Because TechCleaners are a forward thinking company, we look towards the 'after' rather than the 'before'...
100% disinfected, 100% clean IT devices, gives you, your staff and your clients a feeling of positivity and peace of mind...
Wouldn't you like your IT devices to looks as clean as these?

To us, there’s nothing more important than your wellbeing.
Seems our passion for raising wellbeing awareness hasn’t gone unnoticed!


We tailor our specialised cleaning services to your exact needs depending on your business industry.
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Our wellbeing partnership starts here...

Our Mission

To provide a ‘best practice’ standard of cleanliness to IT devices in line with the HSE Health and Safety Regulations to comply with the DSE compliance and to educate our clients on greater levels of wellbeing awareness…

Our Vision

To raise wellbeing awareness and to promote a proactive culture in business, so IT devices are regularly disinfected and everyone’s wellbeing is acknowledged and respected in the workplace…

Our Commitment

To help businesses reduce the occurrence of absenteeism, increase staff comfort, morale and retention and to assist in reducing sickness related costs through regular cleaning of IT devices to best practice standards.

About Us

Karim Samani
Karim Samani - Managing Director

Starting TechCleaners is really a personal story. I founded the company when my own wellbeing was seriously impacted because of a filthy ‘hot desk' workstation. When the priority is to meet deadlines and hit budget targets, workstations and equipment cleanliness can be seen to be the last thing on the agenda. True isn’t it?

We are breathing infectious viruses, pathogenic bacteria and dust from unkempt and dirty workstations that we are totally unaware of. As a human being, "what we do not see we do not value" but invariably it is impacting our general health and workplace wellbeing.

It’s TechCleaners's passion to raise wellbeing awareness through our engagement program and of course, provide our specialised IT cleaning services that your business needs, to effectively create and maintain a healthy workforce.

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