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Schools, Universities and places of learning are ‘hands on’ environments, TechClean schedule can break the constant re-infection cycle of colds, coughs & sickness. How you taking action?

Your students are the future of Wellbeing.
They'll take what you teach them about hygiene from the first grade all the way through their professional careers.

We have tested many everyday IT devices in a lab and have found infectious viruses such as Norovirus, Hepatitis B & C and bacteria such as Mycobacterium Bovis, Escherichia Coli, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and many more, on keyboards, computer mice, phones, screens and pretty much all shared devices such as Printers.

The future of wellbeing

Schools, Colleges & Universities are highly populated facilities where many students, teachers and parents ‘come and go’ and it only stands to reason that they’ll bring germs, viruses and bacteria with them in the course of their travels.

They’ll share IT devices in their classroom environments… of course, this includes private educational establishments and adult places of learning as well. Take the first step in in creating 'advocates of wellness' in your organisation by starting an educational partnership with TechCleaners today.

How do we provide a safe and healthy environment of positive encouragement and ongoing learning for students of every age, coupled with a culture of healthy habits and wellbeing?

Improved wellness habits

Without a professional office computer cleaning service like TechCleaners, it would be difficult to try and professionally disinfect 100% bacterial contamination from all types of IT devices and cover all health and safety requirements.

TechCleaners has created a Wellbeing awareness programme in conjunction with existing health and wellbeing programs. We are 100% invested in ‘peace of mind’ for all and we consistently seek to ensure the wellbeing of students is also being well looked after.


  • Help your educational establishment to raise the bar in cleanliness standards and demonstrate ‘best practice’. This can also help you to attract new students.
  • Educate students from a young age about IT devices cleanliness, so they encourage ‘best practice’ when they enter their professional career.   
  • Help your educators to encourage a 5 minute screen-break to comply with HSE and H&S regulations
  • Help your educational facility to promote a culture of self-driven wellbeing awareness initiatives
  • Certified cleaning products, especially designed to kill bacteria and viruses harmful to the educational environments
  • No adverse skin reactions from our certified cleaning products which are highly effective against deadly viruses such as Coronavirus, Norovirus and many more
  • All your IT devices will be maintained at the highest standards which your staff and students will really appreciate

TechCleaners are a Manchester based IT equipment disinfection and computer cleaning service company, providing specialised IT equipment cleaning services to businesses right across the UK. TechCleaners physically and professionally disinfect all types of IT equipment such as Workstations, Laptops, Phones, Printers, Scanners and Tablets for Wellbeing and Hygiene purposes.

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